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#Blockchain #Gaming #Investments

Animoca Brands is a venture capital company with projects in gaming, blockchain, NFT, the metaverse, and more. The Company promotes the "play-to-earn" model, new asset classes, digital property, and metaverse as resources easily available to everyone.  It makes money by: a) realized gains in investments and digital assets, b) charging commission on in-app transactions. Risks are decreased by a high degree of portfolio diversification.


Hong Kong 


Yat Siu, Robby Yung
Founder, CEO


$819 m
2021 revenue

$75 m 
last funding

$5.8 bn val., Jul 2022
last round


$3.9 bn ($2.2 PPS)
OTC valuation July ‘22

valuation growth

$14.5 bn
H1 2024E valuation

Animoca Brands

  • 18x total revenue increase: $671 m vs $38 m (9 m 2021 vs 10 m 2020)

  • 70% of 2021 revenue made over Jan-Apr 2022

  • 5.6x valuation growth over July 2022 - July 2021

  • 10+ diversified sectors include blockchain gaming, marketplaces, infrastructure, etc.

  • 340+ investments and acquisitions: including Sandbox, Quidd, Polygon

  • Exposure to 3 out of the TOP-4 NFT marketplaces (by volume) through investments in OpenSea, Sky Mavis and Dapper Labs

  • 10+ core licenses from Adidas, Disney, Atari, WWE, and others, to use within own games and by invested companies

  • TOP-5 based on underlying tokens market cap (MANA, SAND, AXS)

  • Sandbox, the decentralized gaming virtual world, sold 166 464 lands in metaverse for a total value of over $500 m

  • +14 872% growth for the period of Jan/Dec 2021: Sandbox’s tradable token SAND was included in TOP-5 best performing game tokens

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