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Gorillas delivers groceries to customers  24 hours 7 days a week. Fastest growing European last-mile grocery delivery company operates in 9 countries and 60 cities. Gorillas delivers by couriers from “darkstores” (local microfulfillment centers). 10 minutes from order to delivery for just $2 fee creates a massive value for customers and has led to unprecedented valuation and funding growth.  Aggressive marketing and huge funding allows Gorillas to quickly capture local markets and expand into new ones through M&A. Strong ESG position – full-time employment for couriers and eco-friendly e-bikes used for delivery.



Kağan Sümer, CEO 
ex-Bain & Company

$220 m
2021 revenue estimate

$3.1 b
last round

What does Gorillas do?

Deliver groceries to customers in 10 minutes from own local fulfillment centers (darkstores)

What problem does it solve?

  • 24/7 Access to groceries: Gorillas is always available, unlike most European stores

  • Lack of time: Gorillas provides grocery, alcohol, ready-to-eat meals delivery, planning to add drugs and own production

  • Job shortage: the company has provided jobs for 12k people in Europe and US

Why attractive now?

  • $220 mln 2021 revenue (estimated), 20x growth vs 2020

  • 3x higher customer retention vs Uber Eats

  • $1.3 bln funding from Coatue, DST Global, Delivery Hero, Tencent, Atlantic Food Labs (food focused VC), G Squared and others

  • $226 bln total addressable European and US market (TAM), growing at 18% p.a.

  • Full-time employment for riders - more attractive for employees, in common delivery companies use time-based remuneration

Why valuation is growing?

  • 3x forecast 2022 revenue growth

  • Partnerships with leading retailers: Tesco (#1 in the UK), Jumbo (#2 in the Netherlands), Casino Group (TOP-5 in France)

  • New business lines: own products and medicines

  • Aggressive marketing: new CMO hired – 20+ years high tech marketing experience, ex- Google, Walmart, Virgin Atlantic