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Celonis Raises $1 bn In Funding At $13 bn Valuation

In an uncertain economic environment, in addition to the losers, there are always winners - including those companies that can help others optimize their business by reducing inefficient costs.

Celonis — late-stage process mining software startup — secured $1 bn in funding at $13 bn valuation from Qatar Investment Authority (Qatar's sovereign wealth fund). The company raised $1 bn a little over a year ago, in June 2021, at an $11 bn valuation. Total funding is $2.4 bn.

Celonis is one of a number of companies developing “process mining” tools, which businesses use to discover inefficiencies in their operations.

Companies using Celonis — Dell, Siemens, Uber, Splunk (which is also an investor), L’Oréal, Vodafone, AstraZeneca, Lufthansa CityLine and strong partnerships (IBM, Accenture, awc, Oracle, others).


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