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FinTech Monthly Highlights

• Fintech is the second biggest group in CNBC Disruptor 50 list 2022 (as of May 2022).

FinTech in Latin America has been booming in 2021-1Q2022. In April deal activity decreased by 22% vs March to $249M following global decline, however, companies operating in LatAm still got funding in April — LatAm-focused digital payment platform Dock has reached a $1.5B valuation after $110M funding from last round (12 May 2022).

• FinTech investments in April decreased by 43% from March to $9.6B, deal number decreased by 31% from March to 541 transactions. However, funding of promising companies continued.

4 newborn fintech unicorns in April 2022 — up to 309 in total. Coda Payments raised $690M at $2.5B – the largest round among new unicorns in April.

• Market dislocation provides opportunities to invest in top global companies at discount entry valuation (e.g. Klarna’s valuation - Top-10 global PayTech company-2021 - is expected to drop by 35% with new round). However scrutinized approach is needed to find companies that develop a sustainable business model in current challenging times.


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