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OpenAI rival Cohere says some AI startups build Bugatti sports cars, ‘We make F-150s’

According to an article published by CNBC, Cohere, led by President Martin Kon, positions itself as a heavy-duty truck in the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape, contrasting with the flashy sports cars of other AI startups.  While competitors target both consumer and enterprise markets, Cohere's exclusive focus on enterprises sets it apart. Kon emphasizes efficiency and cost control, citing its ability to navigate challenges like chip shortages and rising GPU costs. In addition, Cohere states that the nature of its relationships with strategic investors also differentiate the company from generative AI competitors. Many companies have raised from Nvidia and Microsoft with a number of conditions, which are tied to use of their software and chips. However, Cohere has neve accepted a conditional investment, all checks came with no strings attached. Mr. Kon said that the company's growth so far was largely around areas like search and retrieval, which require their own AI models, and those areas are getting less attention in the genAI space. Discussing the expansion plans, Kon called 2023 "year of the proof of concept" and 2024 "the year of deployment at scale".


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