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​​Revolut can make your crypto work for you

Many investors are getting very skeptical about buying crypto assets, especially after the FTX scandal. Numerous cryptocurrencies have substantially plunged in value. But Revolut, an EU-UK banking group and financial technology company, believes in crypto assets’ bright future. In order to attract more clients’ funds and to encourage them to invest in cryptocurrencies, Revolut decided to offer its investors crypto staking services. Cryptocurrency buyers can earn even more cryptos from staking or just “locking” their holdings. Like this investors can easily earn passive income.

Staking can be highly technical and complicated but Revolut can help investors manage it all quite fast. The company even launched a mobile app. So, it would only take investors a few steps to stake their cryptos. One of the ways to benefit from staking is to invest in ETH, DOT, ADA, and XTZ. According to Revolut, this could earn investors up to 11.65% in annual percentage yield (APY). Holding cryptos for longer can earn more. APY is obviously variable and might change. But investors should make themselves familiar with the risks involved.

Staking is available in the UK and certain EEA markets.


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