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​​What’s next for Amazon aggregators?

Aggregators buy promising brands (mostly on Amazon) and scale them.

They raised billions in 2021.

Top 3:

■ Thrasio - $1.8B in ’21 ($1B in Q4 ’21)

■ Perch - $775M (all in Q2 ’21)

■ Berlin brands - $1B (all in ’21)

So, what’s next?

Earlier aggregators focused on portfolio expansion. Today’s focus — how to scale keeping profitability through the vertical.

The answer — innovative management tools and technologies, as it is hard to land a team in each business.

For example, Thrasio evaluates SaaS media services and e-commerce consultancies that could help tie together the competitive Amazon marketplace data that Thrasio uses to select brands to acquire.

Small players follow — Ecommerce Brands — one of the newest brand aggregators, integrates with (provides end-to-end e-commerce services).

Looking forward

The crowded sector will stay crowded.

But we may see divergence between the disruptors and “traditional” aggregators.

We'll keep you posted on how this plays out.


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