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Revolut is well-positioned as one of the largest global neo banks with a wide range of services, including mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, cryptocurrency trading, foreign exchange, brokerage and insurance services. The main market is UK (88% revenue in FY2020), currently expanding into 36 countries with more than 18 million customers worldwide. Revolut has a specialized European Union (EU) banking license (2018) and has been granted a full banking license by the European Central Bank (ECB) (2021). Applications for a UK and US banking license have been made (2021)




Nik Storonsky
Credit Suisse, Lehman Bros.


$1.7 bn
total funding

$800 m 
Series E

July 2021
last round


$33 bn
last round valuation

valuation growth

$80 bn
2024 - 2025 valuation forecast


  • 6x valuation growth in 2021: the fastest growing of TOP-10 neo banks in 2021

  • >2x revenue growth in 2021 and 2022 (expected)

  • TOP-2 global neo bank by valuation in 2021 ($33 bn)

  • Soaring customer dynamics in 2018-2021:

    • 73% CAGR of retail customers (18 m in 2021)

    • 103% CAGR of business customers (500 k in 2021)

  • 20% growth of personal customers (18 m in 2021, 15 m in 2020)

  • $1.7 bn total funding by top-notch global investors: SoftBank, Tiger Global, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital

  • The product and geographic expansion: ECB license (Dec 2021), a certified broker status in the US (Sep 2021) and Australia (Feb 2022), Forex License and entering the Indian market (Feb 2022)

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