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Rubrik is a data protection platform for the B2B segment. The company is a leader in the Cloud Data Management market, as well as the world's first platform with a software and hardware complex that performs the functions of data backup and recovery. The company offers single, policy-driven platform for data recovery, governance, compliance, and cloud mobility that enables enterprises to maximize value from data that is increasingly fragmented across data centers and clouds.

Palo Alto, CA


Bipul Sinha,
CEO & Co-founder

20+ years industry expertise

$900 m
2021E bookings

Late VC, Aug 2021
last round

What does Rubrik do?

Rubrik develops complex solutions for data protection, backup and recovery

What problem does it solve?

  • Data loss: implements advanced solutions for easy backup and recovery

  • Ransomware: prevents unauthorised access and theft using protected infrastructure

Why attractive now?

  • 2x revenue growth up to $600m in 2020  

  • 3200+ global private clients (VISA) and large governmental contracts (FBI) 

  • $553m funding from leading VC funds: Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock and others

  • Leader of Data Recovery subsector (according to Gartner agency)

  • Best cyber security personnel: 1600 employees in 18+ countries

Why upside in 1-2 years?

  • 8x undervalued by P/S multiple in comparison with peers like Snowflake (13x vs 107x)

  • 1.5x expected revenue growth up to $900m in 2021 

  • Expansion: entering new markets and customer segments

  • “Blue-ocean” market with largest companies and countries among Rubrik clients