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Announcing the 2022 Kraken Transparency Report

Transparency seems to be extremely important for the crypto industry nowadays as 2022 was marked by fraud and corruption in this sector. In spite of the claims the industry facilitates transparent money transactions, there were multiple thefts of crypto, tokens and NFTs. Billions have been wiped out from the markets, which caused panic in the DeFi space. The most notorious examples of crypto scandals include the implosion of the FTX exchange, the collapse of Celsius (a crypto lending firm), and the crash of the Terra Luna stablecoin. We are likely to witness yet more similar events in the cryptoindustry.

Still, there are many more crypto-related companies that have a stable financial situation and comply with all relevant regulations. A good example of such is Kraken - , one of leading cryptoexchanges with over 9 million clients from 190 different countries.

Kraken regularly provides security information to local and national authorities located in more than 60 different countries. The crypto exchange recently published its 2022 Transparency report, according to which, the number of compliance-related requests received in 2022 increased by 51% compared to the previous year. Overall, the crypto exchange received a total of 3,705 security requests last year. For more information go to


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