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GOOD Meat is clear to start selling in the USA

GOOD Meat, the first-ever cultivated meat sold to consumers, has been approved by the USDA to produce and sell in the United States. TIME Magazine:

In an historic milestone that will irrevocably change the landscape of food, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has authorized the sale of cell-cultivated chicken—chicken grown from stem cells in a bioreactor—from two Bay Area-based food technology companies, Good Meat and Upside Foods. The approval, which arrived in company inboxes early this morning in the form of an official “Grant of Inspection,” clears the way for the production and marketing of an entirely new food category in the United States, and is likely to herald a sea change in how consumers and the industry think about meat.

Singapore was the first country to allow sales of cultivated meat—produced by Good Meat—in 2020, but regulatory approval in the U.S. is likely to have a far greater impact given the country’s size and influence, paving the way for several other countries and companies to release similar products.

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